Prescribed Medical Massage

Why Medical Massage?

 Spa One Wellness offers personalized care to reduce pain and frustration associated with common physical injuries or conditions that decrease your quality-of-life.    We focus on musculoskeletal imbalances that are the origin of pain to provide individuals with the tools they need to solve their problems on a long term basis and prevent future injuries. We embrace working with  other providers within an individual’s medical team to support the goals of our clients/patients.  

Insurance Coverage

Although we do not file insurance for you, we do provide a receipt with our NPI number and provide SOAP notes when requested.  

We are finding that more and more with prescription, client/patients are able to get payment from insurance companies.  You may still file without a prescription if needed.  Medical Massage is also available to clients without insurance.  

Some prescription care cards are also accepted.

For Physicians


A quality medical massage provides effective treatment through a skilled, hands-on approach that utilizes palpation, assessment and treatment.

Why Doctors Refer to Spa One Wellness

· Spa One Wellness therapists have specialized training and experience which requires a higher level of competency and education.

· Our MMP's works collaboratively with the patient’s health care team. We keep SOAP notes on all patients, and provide progress reports as requested.

· Patients who receive manual therapy often recover from injuries or illness more quickly and with less discomfort.

· An increasing number of patients are requesting alternative health care options that reduce the need for costly medications.

· Patients can submit treatment costs to their insurance for reimbursement. Our treatments may also qualify for HSA and FSA funds.