Dermal Infusion Facial


 Infusalift Non Invasive Dermal Infusion.  Features Infusalift Serum with  Certified Organic Ingredients.  Years of working with different skin types and issues inspired me to create a serum that was healthy, organic and worked. 

Non Invasive Infusion Technology

A combination of Microderm, Hydrofusion, Ultrasound and Nano technology is used to give you vibrant, healthy skin wether it's aging, acneic or Just in need of a lift.   Even skin tone and pigmentation, plumpness as well as wrinkle and fine line reduction are some of the many benefits you will find with Infusalift.  

This is the Ultimate Facial Customized to your skin.  Your own personal facial everytime you visit using what your skin needs at that moment combined with Non Invasive Infusion Technology.

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About Purascentuals

Purascentuals is Linda's own designed product from natural certified organic ingredients.  She began 18 yrs ago with Salt scrubs and has now developed her own custom masks, serums and creams.  

Infusalift is another serum she developed and markets within the Purascentuals label.